Single Sign-On Update


Single Sign-On is Coming – What you need to know!

On Tuesday, April 7 we are changing the process by which you will log into all the services offered by Park City Board of Realtors and Park City MLS. You will now log into your Park City dashboard through the Park City member portal and from there will be able to connect to all services.

Why are we doing this? Some of the services you access through PCBR required that you log in again. Some did not. Under this new procedure, you will log in just once, through the PCBR member page, and all of the other services will recognize that login and not require a second log in to enter the service.

Password changes and online payments will be suspended as of 5:00 PM on Friday, April 3 to prepare for this changeover on Tuesday.

The login to all services will be disabled from 5:00 to 8:00 AM on Tuesday, April 7 in order to switch over to the new system. You will not be able to log into any PCMLS or PCBR services until after 8 AM on Tuesday.

What do you need to do? Here are steps you will need to take to log into our services starting Tuesday morning, April 7.

  1. Our usual login URLs will now point to the new login page which will look familiar if you regularly visit You login page will looks like this:


Enter the same Agent ID you have been using with Flexmls (including the “pc.” ahead of the number) or without the “pc.” (your choice) and the same password. Remember, Passwords are case-sensitive. If you have forgotten your password, click the “Forgot/Change Password” link and you will be sent an email with instructions on how to change your password.

  1. If you have saved the URL to Flexmls as a shortcut or quick link in your browser and you are not redirected to the above login screen, you should delete that URL and replace it with either or (These URLs will be redirected on Tuesday morning. Until then they will work as they have in the past.)
  2. Make sure you are using the latest version of your browser and upgrade if needed. Here are links to the latest installations of each browser.
    1. Chrome: Chrome automatically update when new versions are released. If you want a fresh installation of Chrome, go to
    2. Firefox: Firefox 74 is the latest version, released March 10, 2020.
    3. Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge: IE-11 is the latest version. To update or install go here:
    4. Safari: The latest version of Apple Safari is 13.0. To upgrade or install go here:
  3. Clear your cache and cookies in all browsers. These are saved entries that you may have been using automatically to connect to various services. Most of these will no longer work so should be purged. Here are instructions for clearing cache and cookies in the three most-used browsers:

Now that you have done all that, what can you expect from here?

All log in roads point to – Member Login. You will enter your MLS ID (pc.12345 or just 12345, your choice) and Password just as you have always done to log into Flexmls.

Once you click “Sign-In” you will be taken to the PCBR Landing Page or Dashboard. The Dashboard is organized into five sections. At the top left is your Profile.


From here, you may click the Edit button to make changes in your contact information, add or change your photo, or change your Password. Below your profile is a list of any upcoming meetings or events for which you are registered.

At the top right you will see any balances owed on your board and MLS accounts, as well as a list of upcoming events the board is sponsoring that you may consider attending.

The center section is for important announcements. Please be sure to read these announcements every time you log in. In addition to general announcements, specific messages that pertain to you alone will also display here, such as the need to complete some mandatory class you haven’t yet taken.

Down the page, below the announcements, are links to all the essential services offered by the board and MLS. The most used services are at the top. All of these services (with the exception of Supra) are now accessible without the need to log in again to any of them. We are working with Supra to bring SSO to them in the future.


Upcoming classes:

Below the Quick Links is a list of all the upcoming classes offered by the Park City Board and PCMLS. Simply click the “Register” button to enroll in any class.


You will find a full list of upcoming classes under the Education menu at the top of your Dashboard.


Why are we making this change?

The answer is in the quick links above. Until now, some of them worked, but for others you had to log in a second time. With this change, we are implementing what is called Single Sign-On (SSO). SSO lets you log into the main Park City Realtors service and get connected to ANY of the other services seamlessly, without the need to re-enter an ID and password. One log-in. One click. And you’re connected.

The member portal also gives us one place to post important messages that all members need to know about. With everyone logging into all services through one entry point, we can make sure that everyone gets the messages they need to continue doing business while staying safe and healthy through these unusual times.

If you have questions or need assistance in navigating the new log in process, please call the board office at 435-200-6900 between 9AM and Noon any day from April 7 through 10. Mayer and Bob will be standing by to help.


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