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Every REALTOR® is a tried and true professional. But some take the chance to invest above and beyond in additional training to master the extensive ins and outs of living, buying, and selling in Summit County and Wasatch County.

For a REALTOR® to earn a Certified Local Realtor® designation, they’re trained in core topics ranging from local water law to property management. Through a series of required and elective credits, REALTORS® can demonstrate knowledge that surpasses traditional real estate. They show they don’t just work in this place. They understand it, embrace it, and are deeply committed to our local roots.



It’s more than a designation. It displays true commitment.


To become a Certified Local REALTOR®, an agent must do more than check off a few classes. They have to be a member in good standing of the Park City Board of REALTORS® for a minimum of three years—and need to have completed a set number of transactions here in Wasatch and Summit counties. They need to attend the following core classes in addition to 14 hours of electives like Real Estate Safety Matters, a community speaker series, or a Leadership Program.


Are you a REALTOR® looking to take the next step in certification?


A Certified Local Realtor® designation is an incredible way to offer even more value to your own clients, colleagues, and community.
If you’re ready to take the step, start here.


Core Requirements

Local Informational Resources
Water Law in the Wasatch Back
Property Management in the Wasatch Back
Financing Resort Real Estate
Forms Update
Working with Developers

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