1. Where do I send questions about missing fields?
    RETS DocumentationEXCEL
    Matrix RETS Server InformationWORD
    1. Send emails with RETS questions to


  1. What is the URL?


  1. I am currently taking the PCMLS RETS feed, do I need to change anything?
    1. Yes, you will need to reconfigure for the new Matrix RETS feed.
    2. Matrix RETS Metadata document is available HERE.
    3. The Matrix RETS Server is active right now.
    4. The old MLXchange RETS server will be turned off on November 4, 2014.


  1. Should I use the ProviderKey field?
    1. No, ProviderKey should not be used.  It is a temporary field for the conversion.
    2. MLSID is the field you should be using to match up with agentID and listingagentID from the old MLX.

  2. ListingModificationTimestamp:  Use MatrixModifiedDT instead


  1. Where did the *** field go?
    1. ImageCount:  Use PhotoCount instead
  1. ListAgentMLSID:  Enabled in the Listing Resource.  In Agent Resource it is MLSID in Matrix.
  1. ListOfficeMLSID:  It is enabled in the Listing Resource.  In Agent Resource, it is OfficeMLSID.
  1. OfficeName:  You need to use the OfficeMLSID to match up with the MLSID field in the Office table and pull the OfficeName from the Office record.
  1. OfficePhone:  It is now called Phone and is found in the Office record.  
  1. PrimaryUserClass:  Is MUC in Matrix
  1. SquareFeetTotal:  Use SqFtTotal
  1. Total Bathrooms:  Use BathsTotal in Matrix
  1. Total GarageSpaces:  Has been discontinued as Multi-Unit Properties have been combined into Single Family
  1. TotalOtherParking:  Has been discontinued as Multi-Unit Properties have been combined into Single Family
  1. WorkPhone:  is DirectWorkPhone in Matrix
  1. Class (Property Type): is PropertyType in Matrix
  1. Tax ID: is ParcelNumber in Matrix
  1. Date Sold: is CloseDate in Matrix
  1. Sold Price: is ClosePrice in Matrix
  1. Full Baths: is TotalFullBaths in Matrix
  1. Total Half Baths: is BathsHalf in Matrix
  1. Nightly Rent Eligiblity: is NightlyRentEligibilityYN in Matrix


  1. matrix_unique_id field has different name in matadata and in records i.e. in metadata system name is matrix_unique_id while for specific records it is Matrix_Unique_ID
  2. Matrix_Unique_ID(listing)/matrix_unique_id(media) to identify the photos.
  3. Withdrawn Date (#114)  = WithDrawnContractCancelled
  4. Temp Off Market Date (#113) = WithDrawnValidContract